BREEAM NL and LEED certified

BREEAM-NL 'very good'
Our new TransPort head office complies with the new BREEAM-NL New Buildings measuring methodology for sustainable construction by the Dutch Green Building Council. The building’s owner Schiphol Real Estate has been awarded the BREEAM 'Very good' certificate on 15 April 2010.

BREEAM-NL is a method to assess the sustainability of buildings. During the BREEAM certification process, not only the energy efficiency of a building is assessed, but also the use of land, ecology, the construction process, use of water, waste, pollution, transport, materials, health and level of comfort.

Platinum LEED certificate
TransPort is the first building in the Netherlands to receive the Platinum LEED certificate.

LEED stands for “The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design”, a method used to assess a building’s sustainability of design, realization, user-friendliness and management. The method was developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), a non-profit organization representing every sector within the construction industry. Buildings are rated by level of sustainability.

TransPort has been awarded the highest ‘Platinum’ level LEED certificate for sustainable construction. It is the first time Platinum has been awarded within the Netherlands and this is only the third Platinum level award in Europe.