environmentally friendly in every way

TransPort is operated almost entirely climate neutrally. It is one of the most sustainable buildings in the Netherlands.

climate control
For efficient energy consumption, concrete core activation is used. This type of heating and cooling uses a system of long term underground energy storage. In winter, the building is heated with stored solar heat from summer, and in summer, the building is cooled with stored cold from winter. This creates a comfortable, much more natural form of climate control for our staff than using air conditioning. In addition, concrete core activation reduces energy consumption by 30%.

intelligent use of sunlight
The roof holds almost 12,000 square feet of solar panels that generate 112,500 kWh of solar power a year. They also provide 30% of the building’s total energy usage. TransPort also has a daylight responsive control system for artificial lighting. This way, the TransPort building ‘responds’ to sunlight intensity at any given moment of the day and to the presence of people in any office or area within the building.

Intelligent use of sun and daylight was maximally incorporated into the design. The south facing façade has Venetian blinds to prevent the offices on that side from heating up too much. The north facing façade is very transparent to let in as much daylight as possible.

green roof and grey water
The low-rise roof of the TransPort building is a green roof with a grass-like sedum for additional isolation against overheating. This grass roof also functions as a natural water buffer and it absorbs CO2. Our toilets are flushed with recycled ‘grey’ water. This grey water system saves 40% of water usage.

sustainable interior design
Sustainability is not limited to the building itself, but the use of  sustainable materials was extended into the interior design of the building. For acoustic reasons, some walls were covered with fabric made out of recyclable PET bottles. This fabric is a prime example of sustainability. In addition, a lot of bamboo has been used to extend sustainability into the design.