sustainable travel

At we offer our passengers a CO2 compensation scheme. Passengers can fly CO2 neutral by paying a contribution calculated on the basis of the length of their flight. All funds will go to the Climate Neutral Group, an organization that compensates for CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases by investing in renewable energy projects and in forest projects.
CO2compensation, or CO2 reduction, is accomplished by projects that absorb CO2, like forest projects and projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, like renewable energy projects.

Climate Neutral Group projects
One of Climate Neutral Group’s investments is the biological compost project in Egypt.
Agricultural company Libra, part of Sekem Group, aims to improve and develop the individual, society and environment. Libra has developed a method to produce compost out of agricultural and other waste from biomass. This compost is used by local farmers to fertilize and improve the condition of the soil.
The project currently generates 100,000 tonnes of compost a year. Special treatment of the biomass prevents methane emission.
Biological waste used to be dumped in the desert, where it was left to decompose. The biological compost project reduces CO2 emissions by 60,000 tonnes a year. It also reduced the need for artificial fertilizer, improves soil hydrology and lowers the usage of plant protection products.
Compost revenues are also partially invested in child care, schools, health care and handicapped training.