media requests

photos and filming
If you wish to photograph or film our aircraft, inside our aircraft, our staff or our sales & service desk, you always need approval from first.
Corporate Communications department

your application must meet the following conditions:
  • Photography or filming is only possible if it does not disrupt our flight schedules.
  • will evaluate each application separately. Photos or film can’t include any elements that may harm and/or its partners. 
  • has the right to end a photo shoot or filming at any time.
  • Applications must be in at least one week in advance.
  • You need our employees’ permission before filming or photographing them.
  • Should you wish to film one of our airport check-in desks, you will need airport approval  in addition to approval from

ticket sponsoring
Do you have a professional interest in
Under certain conditions, we can sponsor your ticket quid pro quo. Applications are assessed individually.
Send your request to: