CO2 compensation passengers by and Martinair


At the official opening of sustainable office building TransPort at Schiphol-Oost, the management of airline companies and Martinair showed their ‘green’ hearts. 

TransPort is the new head office that will be shared by both organizations. The building is practically climate neutral, in full compliance with the highest BREEAM certification standards and is also one of the most sustainable buildings in the Netherlands.

Because of the environment friendliness of the new head office, speeches were inspired by Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS). In honour of the opening of new head office TransPort, the management of both companies promised CO2 compensation for all passengers that were on board their flights during the speeches, thus showing they are aware of their Corporate Social Responsibility. has offered their passengers a CO2 compensation scheme for some time now, allowing passengers to fly CO2 neutral by paying a contribution calculated on the basis of the length of their flight. All funds will be paid to the Climate Neutral Group. This organization compensates for CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases by investing in renewable energy projects and in forest projects.

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