Higher Spanish airport tax: transavia.com decides against passing on this fee to passengers

Schiphol, 4 July 2012

Since Spain raised its airport taxes, transavia.com has faced the challenge of having to deal with all of the tickets to Spanish destinations already sold. The airline has to pay this tax for more than 100,000 passengers, while this additional amount was not included in the ticket price. transavia.com pursues a policy of ‘a competitive and honest price’, which is why, unlike other airlines, transavia.com has decided against implementing a supplementary tax.
This change applies to both passengers who booked directly through transavia.com and those who booked through other organisations. The Spanish government decided at the very last minute to increase the airport tax starting 1 July 2012 for all passengers departing from a Spanish airport. transavia.com regrets the abruptness with which this change was implemented by the Spanish authorities.
The airline does not wish to unpleasantly surprise its passengers with an additional fee. If a passenger booked a ticket for a certain price, transavia.com aims to fulfil its agreement and not tax the passenger afterwards with supplementary fees.
But if passengers feel called upon to do something with the money they save as a result, they are invited to transfer the amount (up to €10) to a foundation dedicated to organising holidays for those in need. The Peter Pan Holiday Club is an organisation that arranges holidays for young people who, due to illness or circumstances, are unable to go on holiday on their own. The organisation is managed entirely by transavia.com employees and sponsored by the airline. More information on this foundation can be found at www.peterpanvakantieclub.nl.
The increased tax will be an integral part of the price for tickets bought or changed after 1 July.

About transavia.com

transavia.com, a member of the Air France/KLM Group, provides scheduled service and charter flights to more than 95 destinations, primarily in the European and Northen Africa area and popular winter sports destinations. transavia.com distinguishes itself through its ‘low fare with care’ policy and offers an attractive basic price with additional (paid) products and services. In the Netherlands, the airline flies from the national airport of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, as well as the regional airports of Rotterdam The Hague Airport, Eindhoven Airport and Groningen Airport Eelde. transavia.com also operates from Paris through Transavia France. Nearly 90% of airline tickets are sold through the website, which receives more than 1.5 million unique visitors monthly, making this low-cost airline one of the largest online shops in the Netherlands.
During the annual Feather Awards (Verenuitreiking) in 2012, transavia.com was chosen Best Low-Cost and Best Charter Airline by the Dutch travel sector for the fourth time in a row.

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