TransPort building in Dutch miniature city of Madurodam

The Hague / Schiphol

On Wednesday 2 June, building of a miniature version of the sustainable building at Schiphol Airport called TransPort was symbolically started. The ceremonial duties were performed by Michiel Meijer, Managing Director of But he wasn’t alone. His daughter helped to very carefully sink the first pile.TransPort is the new head office.

During a festive kids’ event, owner Schiphol Real Estate and the Dutch Green Building Council (DGBC) celebrated the building’s BREEAM-NL certification. The life-size version of the building can be found at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Children between the ages of 7 and 12 were given the opportunity to design and build their own sustainable creations. The most innovative and most sustainable design will be displayed in the terminal at Schiphol Airport, to be admired by thousands of travellers every day.

First BREEAM-NL certificate in the Netherlands for TransPort
On April 15th, the TransPort head office received the first BREEAM-NL certificate for sustainable building from the DGBC. It is the first time this certificate was given to a Dutch building.  BREEAM is the sustainability quality mark that assesses buildings worldwide on sustainable use of energy, ecology, transport, materials and health. Office building TransPort is rated 'Very Good'.

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