offers additional comfort to passengers and achieves 3% lower fuel consumption with new aircraft

Schiphol, 17 April 2012 added the first new aircraft with Boeing Sky Interior and innovative E-Leather® seat covers to its fleet today. In addition to offering passengers greater comfort, this aircraft also consumes 3% less fuel per seat, resulting in a savings of at least 200 litres of kerosene per flight. Three more planes with these specifications will be added in May of this year and in 2013 and 2014. By adding these aircraft, the airline is confirming its commitment to making the fleet more efficient and sustainable and increasing passenger comfort.

The fuel savings are the result of improved engine technology, among other factors. The aircraft also has lighter and more durable carbon brakes. The galleys are of a new and lighter model and adhere to the Atlas standard and will be combined with new lightweight trolleys on board starting in May. As regards avionics software, a system is being used for the first time that will make it possible in the future to communicate with air traffic control through text messages instead of radio transmissions.
Bram Gräber, General Director: “What ultimately matters most is the passenger, which is why I am proud that we have added a new aircraft with Boeing Sky Interior and E-Leather® seat covers to our fleet today. We boast a young and efficient fleet, which is very important, certainly in these times of extremely high fuel costs, and we will continue to invest in our fleet. Our goal is to offer passengers an even better and more enjoyable overall flight experience.”

Boeing Sky Interior
The new Boeing Sky Interior offers a more comfortable environment, with a roomier cabin design and more overhead bin space. Modern LED lighting also contributes to a more positive passenger experience.

The current fabric seat covers are being replaced by high-quality E-Leather® seat covers. The innovative E-Leather® fabric consists primarily of leather remnants combined with synthetic fibres. The material has the same positive qualities of leather, but with significantly greater durability compared to fabric and is considerably lighter than traditional leather. The advantages for the passenger are greater sitting comfort and better hygiene. E-Leather® is also a highly sustainable fabric in that it cuts down on cleaning and maintenance costs. Also, the lighter material means lower fuel costs. The new seat covers feature a unique design.

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