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Bulgaria is situated in the southeast of Europe. In the middle of the country you find the Balkan with mountains upto a height of 2400 metres. The river Donau creates the nothern border and you find the gorgeous coastline of the Black Sea on the east side. Enjoy the beautiful Bulgarian folk music or one of 500 natural springs with 'healing' water, incold winters and hot summers.



Bulgaria is Europe’s best-kept secret: with royal graves from the Thracic period, the ruins of Roman cities, century-old monasteries and world-famous collections of religious icons, the country has a tremendous lot to offer. Those looking for peace and quiet will find densely forested mountains and untouched natural areas where one can walk for hours without ever encountering another human being. What’s more, you can have both a beach or a skiing holiday at very attractive prices.

Varna is sun, sea and beach. Just outside the town here are a number of resorts. The area offers a comprehensive range of water sports: from surfing and snorkelling to jet skis and waterskiing. does not offer flight tickets to Varna at this moment