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practicalpractical Budapest

Information about the airport, transport to and from your destination and useful tips.

practical information about Budapest

to seeto see Budapest

What should you absolutely not miss? You will find it here.

to see in Budapest

to doto do Budapest

There are many things to do during the months to come! Here you will find an overview of the most important events.

to do in Budapest

shoppingshopping Budapest

Everything you need to know about shopping: the nicest little streets, small shops and department stores.

shopping in Budapest

eating & drinkingeating & drinking Budapest

Good tips for restaurants, cafés and bars. What do the locals do and where can you find the best food?

eating and drinking in Budapest

nightlifenightlife Budapest

Here you will find the hippest clubs and discotheques for a good night out.

nightlife in Budapest

sleepingsleeping Budapest has made an overview of the cheapest hotels.

hotels in Budapest

Budapest in brief

Budapest – one of the world’s most beautiful cities - has succeeded in preserving its soul, although the city has been rapidly modernised in recent years. Today the Danube, the old Art Nouveau palace and the wide boulevards have been joined by gourmé restaurants and trendy bars. Those who are interested in history and likes to party comes here - and anyone who wants to relax in the city’s many steam baths.


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