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The Moroccan landscape is one of spectacular extremes – from the snow-covered mountains in the north to the dry deserts in the south of the country. Morocco has beautiful, wild landscapes. It also boasts a number of impressive cities, such as Marrakech. The lively Djemaa el-Fna square in the centre of Marrakech is a decor that belongs to one of the famous Arabian fairy tales. The colourful water sellers in traditional dress, the acrobats and the jugglers, the inspiring storytellers and fascinated listeners is a colourful spectacle – especially during the afternoon and evening.



Agadir is a modern holiday resort on the west coast of Morocco. The tourist centre of Agadir lies close to the beach. Agadir also has an old city centre, which is known as the Kasbah. There is actually not that much to see in the Kasbah except the port and parts of the wall, but the view over Agadir is fantastic. Just outside of the city you can find a number of tranquil beaches that slope gently towards the sea. Here you can enjoy a variety of water sports. Agadir is an excellent starting location for all kinds of excursions, such as a jeep safari, a visit to Marrakech or the Vallée des Oiseaux.



The city of Marrakesh is called the pearl of the south and looks as if it has come from a Thousand and One Nights. It borders on the Sahara, with oases that invite you on enticing walks through impressive chasms and along palm oases. In the nearby Atlas Mountains, you will find picturesque villages where the Berber population lives. In the lively city itself, you will enjoy the incredible dynamics between the old walls around the medina and the Arab quarter. From there you walk along the avenue Mohammed V to the modern Marrakesh, built during the French mandate. You will encounter businesses, shops and cafés.



With its 400,000 inhabitants, Oujda is an important city in Morocco. The city in the north-east of Morocco covers an area of 20,700 km2. The extraordinary location of Oujda means it is a crossroads between Morocco and the other countries of North Africa and between Morocco and Europe. The city of Oujda has many functions, which makes it an important regional capital.