Destination VarnaDestination Varna

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To seeTo see

Don’t miss:

  • the city park: walk through waving palms toward the boulevard and beach, where you will find a dolphinarium and a zoo (unfortunately the animal enclosures are very small).
  • the Cathedral: worth a visit during the day, but even more spectacular when lit up at night
  • the Roman baths: beautifully preserved 2000 year old baths
  • the communist monuments, which still abound everywhere
  • Balcik: an expansive Botanical garden just north of Varna. A special garden built on a slope, where walls, courtyards and hedges separate the different parts of the garden. Streams and waterfalls add the finishing touches to this wonderful environment.
  • the Stone Forest: a fascinating collection of stalagmites 20 km from Varna