Destination VarnaDestination Varna

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Eating & drinkingEating & drinking

A Bulgarian meal usually starts with a chunk of warm bread or small rolls (pitka) with ‘coloured salt’. This is salt flavoured with paprika powder and the herb savory. The bread is baked with soda and yogurt, and sometimes with eggs or cheese. Although Bulgarians are not averse to meat, on the coast you will mainly find fish dishes. Most of the desserts consist of variants of sweet Turkish desserts. Turkish influences are also clearly seen in traditional starters and main courses. Bulgarians drink a lot of beer, but the country is rightly known as an excellent wine producer. A number of wines are right up there with the French, and at a much more reasonable price. As good as Bulgarian wine is, as bad is the coffee. The one that is most palatable is Tursko kafe: black with a lot of sugar.

Don’t forget to try:

  • Salad of cucumber (or full-fat yogurt), sweet peppers and delicious goat’s cheese
  • Kyopolou: starter made with a puree of aubergines, three or four tomatoes and sweet peppers
  • Tarator: chilled soup made of yogurt, cucumber and walnuts
  • Red Bulgarian Cabernet Sauvignon: ranked by connoisseurs as a top wine