Destination Cape Verde (Sal) Destination Cape Verde (Sal)

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The island owes its name, Sal, to its enormous lagoon, where salt was once extracted. A fun place to visit is Buracona, a natural swimming pool that is filled during high tide and emptied during low tide. You will find countless restaurants, cafés and discos in Espargos and Santa Maria on Ilha do Sal. Naturally, fabulous beaches are Sal’s greatest attraction.

Salinas de Pedra de Lume
The Salinas de Pedra de Lume saltpans are situated in an extinct volcanic crater close to the town of Pedra Lume on the eastern coast of the island of Sal. In addition to fantastic views of the saltpans, you can also swim in the water and experience the high concentration of salt, which makes you float like a feather.

The naturally formed salt water pool Buracona and the bay of the same name are located around 6 kilometres from Palmeira. When the sun is in the right position, you can see the “blue eye”, a natural phenomenon created by the sunlight reflecting on the water through the cave.

There is a vast sandy beach at the southern part of the island adjacent to Santa Maria. The beach has excellent facilities, most of which are within walking distance. Here you will also find numerous hotels and resorts. The locals often use the beach like a park: you’ll see people doing exercises here in the early morning and late evening.

Water sports
Cape Verde offers numerous options for water sports enthusiasts. Continuous winds often mean high waves on the island of Sal, making it ideal for water sports, especially wind and kite surfing. International competitions are held regularly on Sal and there are various surfing schools. The sea around Sal is also excellent for diving. The Ponta Preda and Palmeira beaches are the most popular ones among water sports lovers.

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