Destination PulaDestination Pula

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Practical informationPractical information

Information about the airport, transport to and from your destination and useful tips.

Border formalities

A valid passport

The weather

The Croatian coast enjoys a Mediterranean climate. This means that the summers are warm and dry and that most of the rain falls in winter, which is usually mild.


Croatian, a Slavic language that resembles Serbian. The younger generation speaks English as a second language. Some Istrians also speak German or Italian.


You pay in kuna (HRK), but prices are often given in Euros. Despite it being officially forbidden, some shops also accept payment in Euros. Cash dispensers can be found everywhere. Other means of payment are credit cards and traveller’s cheques.




  • Train: The railway service in Croatia is relatively reliable and punctual. Apart from Dubrovnik, all the larger towns are accessible by train.
  • Bus: Inland, the bus connections will literally bring you everywhere, though it is difficult to know the exact arrival time. The bus network is extensive and the buses of good quality.
  • Boat: A common form of transport between coastal towns in Croatia is by boat. The country has several ferry services.
  • (Rental) car: The roads in general are of excellent quality, though driving inland you need to take into account some roads that need repair. The major road along the coast, the ‘magistrale’, can become very slippery when wet.