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Travelling through Egypt is a wonderful way to get in touch with the unique and fascinating life of the pharaohs. The pyramids and the Sphinx leave an indelible impression. Egypt is also ideal for a diving holiday, because the country has an impressive subterranean world and fascinating coral reefs, fish and shipwrecks. The coastal resorts of Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada, situated on the Red Sea, offer you good hotels and excellent resorts. Throughout the summer and winter seasons, the warm climate guarantees a wonderful, sunny beach holiday.



Few countries offer as many different curiosities as Egypt: pyramids, deserts, the Nile and beautiful beaches. Hurghada is mainly known as being a paradise for divers and snorkelers. Jacques Cousteau once said: “The Red Sea is a corridor of marvels - the happiest hours of my diving experience have been spent there”. Kilometres of coast have been blessed with huge reef formations and islands. The underwater world is rich with coral walls and beautiful “gardens”. Over 400 varieties of coral and 1500 types of fish, including turtles and sharks, live in the Red Sea. There are ample opportunities for both beginners and the more advanced here. Egypt is also known for its clean beaches with fine sand, which generally flow slowly into the sea, and is also an excellent location for windsurfing and sailing.



The River Nile divides Egypt into two, while the Suez Canal has created a third area, the Sinai Peninsula. This fine African country has one of the world's oldest civilisations. The most famous historic monuments are the pyramids and the temples around Luxor and Aswan.

Luxor, formerly called Thebes, lies on the eastern bank of the Nile and is Upper Egypt's largest tourist centre. In ancient Egypt, the west bank of the Nile was regarded as 'Amenti', the kingdom of the dead, and the eastern bank as the kingdom of the living.

There are three main roads in Luxor: Sharia al-Mahatta, Sharia al-Karnak and the Corniche, an avenue parallel to the Nile. Along this avenue you will find most of the hotels and restaurants and, of course, a number of terraces with a view of the Nile. Luxor is also in fact the world's largest open-air museum.


Marsa AlamMarsa Alam

Egypt is not only known to tourists for its fascinating pyramids and temples but also as a scuba-diving paradise. The Red Sea offers divers and snorkelers magnificent under-water tableaux: colourful coral reef and all kinds of different fish.

Marsa Alam has always been known as a small fishing village on the Red Sea, 300 km from Hurghada. But with the arrival of the airport, diving and the associated tourism have become ever more popular at Marsa Alam. What was once a small fishing village is now growing into a popular bathing resort, suitable for a relaxed beach or active diving holiday.


Sharm el-SheikhSharm el-Sheikh

Surrounded by crystal-clear, blue seas and a breathtaking desert landscape, Sharm El-Sheikh has grown into one of the most popular holiday destinations in Egypt. Come here for a stay in one of the many well-appointed resorts, or to dive the unique coral reefs. But there is more to Sharm! It is also the ideal location to discover the real Egyptian culture, and to travel to nearby historical locations such as the famous Mount Sinai.



The river Nile divides Egypt into two halves, and the Suez Canal creates yet a third area: the Sinai peninsula. This peninsula, on the border with Israel, is where Taba is situated.

You will find Taba on the north coast of the Arabian Gulf (an arm of the Red Sea) in the beautiful landscape of the Sinai Desert. There are a number of good restaurants, cafés and beach bars. You can also take advantage of the many watersport options. The fascinating underwater world of the Red Sea is a perfect destination for divers. But Taba, with its golden-yellow beaches and picturesque bays, is also a wonderful holiday location for lovers of the sun and the beach. does not offer flight tickets to/from Taba at this moment