Destination TabaDestination Taba

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Practical informationPractical information

Border formalities

A valid international passport and a visa are compulsory. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after your return from Egypt. You will get and pay for the visa at the airport.

The weather

During the summer season Taba is cooled by an almost permanent sea breeze, which makes the extremely high summer temperatures bearable. In winter this wind is fortunately absent, which makes Taba an excellent winter destination with its sunny and cloudless winter days and a pleasant temperature that hovers around 25°C from November to March.

Time difference

The time in Egypt is one hour behind the Netherlands.


The official language is Arabic, but English is almost universally spoken and understood.


The Egyptian pound (£E, pronounced as ‘bound’, and ‘ginih’ in Egyptian), consists of 100 piasters (PT; qirsh). However, bringing money into the country and taking money out are prohibited. Cash machines are available in the resorts. Other means of payment are credit cards and traveller’s cheques.


220V. However, some power points are only suited for plugs with thin pins, so you will need an adapter.


  • Coming FROM an area that has yellow fever, vaccination is compulsory.
  • A DTP vaccination is recommended.
  • Protection against Hepatitis A is recommended.
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  • Bus: The public bus system is an ideal mode of transport in Egypt. Because of the good main roads, large distances can be covered in a limited time and bus fares are very cheap. However, as a tourist on a sightseeing tour you are more likely to be ferried around in a private coach, but even then the cost is very reasonable.
  • Taxi: Private taxis are a luxury in Egypt and are therefore more expensive than public transport. In Taba you will pay around twenty Egyptian pounds for a taxi ride, but if you take a taxi at the airport this can increase to around fifty Egyptian pounds. You will frequently see little horse-drawn carts, the ‘caleches’; these are cheaper and more fun, but of course much slower.
  • Servicetaxi’s: In Egypt you will also see minibuses (service taxis) everywhere, which will take you where you want to go for just a few Egyptian pounds, provided it is on their route. Very easy, quick and super-cheap, once you figure out how the system works.

Rules for passengers of

Because of restrictions in the aviation agreement with Egypt it is unfortunately not possible:

  • to book a one-way flight from the Netherlands to Egypt
  • to book a one-way or return flight to the Netherlands departing from Egypt
Your outbound and return flight to/from Egypt must also be completed within 12 weeks.