Destination TabaDestination Taba

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To seeTo see

Many tourists choose Taba as a holiday destination because of the vicinity of historical and natural wonders of the world. The main one of these is without a doubt the old capital of the Nabateans, Petra, which was fully carved out in the rocks, is only accessible through a narrow crevice, and is located in what is now Jordan.

If it is not too hot you can climb the nearby Ras el Naqb pass. From this pass you have a spectacular view of the area. Eight kilometres south of Taba you will find the Pharaoh’s Island, also called the Coral Islands, 250 metres off the coast. On this island you can see the remains of a Byzantine fort. The coastline near Taba is very worthwhile with spectacular views of the Red Sea and the mountains in the hinterland.

Don’t miss these highlights:
  • Snorkelling or deep sea diving in the Red Sea (Arabian Gulf)
  • Water sports (for instance kayaking) on the azure-blue, tropical seas
  • A camel ride on the beach
  • Climbing the Ras el Naqb mountain
  • Visiting Coral Island
  • A visit to the Sinai Desert
  • A sightseeing tour to Cairo and the pyramids of Gizeh
  • A sightseeing tour to Petra: the old capital of the Nabateans, fully carved out in the rocks