Destination TabaDestination Taba

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Eating & drinkingEating & drinking

First and foremost there is ‘street food’, of which falafel (taamiya) and kebab are the best known. This type of food is delicious, cheap and safe to eat; after all, it is freshly prepared right before your eyes. For more complex dishes you can visit one of the many restaurants, where you can enjoy chicken and lamb, but also tasty steamed pigeon. This local speciality comes highly recommended.

Om te proberen:
  • Kusheri: a mix of lentils, rice, pasta, parsley and sauce (one of the cheapest dishes; is served in special kusheri restaurants)
  • Foul: a tasty thick sauce made of kidney beans and herbs
  • Makarona: a fried chunk of pasta, filled with tomatoes and minced meat
  • Baba ghanugh: a mix of tahini, pureed fried aubergine, chickpeas, garlic and lemon juice
  • Kusa: grated courgette, fried in a batter of flour and egg
  • Fatir: a pizza-like pancake with a savoury or sweet topping