Destination ToulonDestination Toulon

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Eating & drinkingEating & drinking

In the Provence, all you have to do to find out what you can expect in the restaurants is take a walk through the hills and along the fountains. The fragrances of thyme, rosemary and fresh vegetables in olive oil permeate the air. Food is simple and rustic: a little tapenade on a piece of French bread, a glass of rosé wine and a few pieces of marinated, grilled red pepper are enough. Even more so when you can eat this deliciously simple meal close to one of the fountains, in the shade of a large sycamore tree in the centre of Toulon.

L’eau à la bouche

This literally means ‘the water that runs in the mouth’. And mouth-watering they certainly are, the classical dishes from the Provence that are served here. The restaurant is located at the entrance to the harbour, next to the Tour Royal. Address: 54, Rue Muiron

Chez Mimi

North-African cuisine. Here you will start to understand why, after ‘steak-frites’, couscous has become the favourite dish of the French. Address: 83, Avenue de la République

Le jardin du sommelier

Has a clear Italian-Provençal influence: Parmesan cheese, grilled artichokes, and let’s not forget the figs and almonds. Extensive wine menu. Cosy, almost kitsch decor in shades of orange and ochre. Address: 20, Allée Courbett

Au Sourd

The aioli, deep-fried fish and other delicacies that appear on your table are prepared by a former fisherman. The restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in the town. Address: 10, Rue Molière

La Feuille de Chou

Olive oil on your plate and olive trees above your head, at least if you choose a table in the small, shadowed courtyard. Address: 15, Rue Glacière


Here, cafés are meant to make life pleasant and relaxed. A croissant in the morning, a coffee or pastis at night before going out to eat? Everything is possible!


Opposite the harbour. As the name suggests, this is where you will find the largest selection of ice cream in all of Toulon. Enjoy your treat at leisure in a comfortable chair. Address: 15, Quai de la Sinse

Le Saint-Louis

Heated, covered terrace with a view of the harbour. Wonderful viewpoint when the Mistral is blowing. Address: 391, Promenade Frédéric Mistral

Le France

One of the biggest cafés in Toulon. Spacious and comfortable terrace - excellent for people watching! In the room at the back you can also play billiards. Address: 304, Avenue de la République

Café de la Liberté

Modern exterior, with modern outside furniture. Inside, however, this café has been kept in the style of the 19th century with, among other things, a huge fresco with the theme of ‘liberty’. Address: 17, Place de la Liberté

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