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Germany has many sides. The attractive cities all have their own unique charm. The beautiful landscapes are also very popular. The beautiful wide rivers flow past historical cities. Everywhere, the Romans and the Middle ages are still palpably present. The period of the Roman style is present in many imposing buildings –and reason enough for many trips. Because of its history, the city of Berlin offers many places worth seeing. Meat will never be absent from the menus. And there are more than enough breweries – with about five thousand different kinds of beer being sold. The German wines are fresh and fruity. In both the wine areas and at the breweries tours are arranged.


Berlin (Tegel)Berlin (Tegel)

There are few places that have been praised as much as Berlin and it’s not difficult to understand why. Berlin has a huge wealth of history, but also the latest in art, fashion and architecture. The different parts of the city, such as the Tiergarten, Mitte, Kreuzberg and Prenzlauer Berg areas, all have their own individual character.


Friedrichshafen (Vorarlberg)Friedrichshafen (Vorarlberg)

Friedrichshafen lies like a sparkling jewel on the shores of the beautiful Lake Constance surrounded by magnificent mountains. Its quiet atmosphere and the untouched nature help you lean back and relax, while explorers appreciate Friedrichshafen’s undisputed position as the birthplace of the Zeppelin.