Destination KarpathosDestination Karpathos

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Eating & drinkingEating & drinking

Greek food has many Turkish influences, but never say that to a Greek! Greek cooking uses a great deal of olive oil, feta, lamb and fresh vegetables. You can also find a great deal of fish and other seafood on the menu, on the islands in particular. A Greek meal on a terrace in the twilight is an experience. You will drink Greek wine, such as Retsina. And for those who don’t want to drink alcohol, you should try one of the strong coffees, which are served in small cups. Beer is becoming increasingly popular and the Greek drink Ouzo is world-famous.

You should try:

  • Souvlaki: pieces of meat on a stick
  • Dolmadakia: stuffed vine leaves
  • Moussaka: seasoned minced meat with potatoes, cheese sauce and omelette
  • Keftedes: ball of minced meat
  • Tzatziki: yoghurt with garlic and cucumber
  • Domates gemistes: tomatoes stuffed with rice and minced meat
  • Salata horiatika: country salad containing all possible horticultural products
  • Sardeles: grilled fish