Destination ThessalonikiDestination Thessaloniki

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Eating & drinkingEating & drinking

Saunter around the well-known Ladadika area, near Aristoteles Square, and you will find a large number of traditional restaurants and ouzo bars. Enjoy grilled dishes like kontosouvli, giaprakia and gardoubes with a glass of wine or ouzo. If you like seafood, be sure to choose the mussel pilaf, grilled sardines, frutti di mare, saganaki prawns or stuffed squid in one of the many seafood restaurants the city possesses. Thessaloniki has a large range of cuisines: traditional Macedonian, Oriental and European, as well as dishes from refugees from all over the world. Try the pastries and the cuisine of Constantinople. And finally the traditional bougatsa (filled with either cheese or sugared cream), the tasty syrups, the ekmek kadaifi, the seker pare, the touloumpa, and the famous trigona of Panorama are all worth trying.

To Peran

The traditional cuisine of Constantinople in a beautifully decorated interior. Adana kebab, yiaourtlou kebab and Kaisareia tart are some of the specials served at this restaurant. Address: 22 Iktinou St

Bit Bazar Ouzeria (ouzo bar)

A restaurant that is known for its Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. Here, the customers can just walk into the kitchen to point out the dish of their choice. Address: 32 – 34 Prosfigikis Agoras St (Venizelou – Olympou – Tositsa arcades)


A very nice restaurant with live Greek music and tasty Greek specialities. Address: 3 Morihovou Square, Ladadika

Ipeirotiki Gonia

Family restaurant serving traditional, home-made food. All dishes are grilled over charcoal. The house speciality is grilled goat. Address: 21 Aristotelous


Il Vento

Café bar in the town centre. Try a nice espresso or hot chocolate with one of the tasty sweets. At night they serve an amazing range of special cocktails. Adres: Aristotelous 21

Café Au Lait

A Parisian-style café on two floors in the centre of Thessaloniki. Twenty-five different flavours of tea from around the world, 30 different chocolate drinks from Italy and a large range of coffees. Address: On the corner of Ermou and Aristotelous.