Destination ThessalonikiDestination Thessaloniki

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Thessaloniki’s nightlife is famous throughout Greece, with many bars, clubs and concert halls for all tastes and ages. Ladadika is the town’s hotspot and the meeting place for young people, but also for the local population and tourists.


A nostalgic bar featuring the lounge style of the Sixties, with unusual decorations, pop-art figures. Electro, new jazz, funky and drum ‘n’ bass music played by different DJs. Address: 21 Leoforos Nikis (Nikis Boulevard)


A club with three dance floors and Greek and foreign mainstream music; for dancing till the early hours. Address: 4 Orvilou, Ladadika neighbourhood

Del arte

Very trendy with fun people and excellent service. Del Arte is a must in Thessaloniki (especially in the summer) for its beautiful views of the White Tower and the town’s quayside. Address: White Tower Square

Casa la Femme

One of the attractions of the town and a favourite spot of Thessaloniki’s elite. Very special bar decorated in a baroque style. Address: 26 Octovriou St


Tasty hot and cold dishes, a comprehensive selection of beers and wines and a cosy setting. Address: 46 Alexandrou Svolou St

Kitchen bar

A special bar with three floors for special days and nights. Has a unique view of the town. Tasteful decor, retaining the old warehouse atmosphere. Open kitchen and bar with an open fire. Address: Deposit B, Harbour