Destination CataniaDestination Catania

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The bars in Catania are frequented by both tourists and students. The bars and clubs are generally a little more international than the eating establishments. The scene is mostly a reflection of what can be found in the bigger towns.

Bed Café

The Bed Café calls itself an ‘eating, lounge and wine bar’. The concept is a well-known one: big, comfortable sofas, relaxing music and delicious cocktails. Address: Via A. Di Giuliano 188, Catania

Osteria I Tri Bicchieri

The area around Etna lends itself perfectly for winegrowing. Why not try the fruits of this labour at the elegant Osteria I Tri Bicchieri wine bar? Address: Via S Giuseppe al Duomo 31, Catania

Agorá Hostel Bar

One of the most original bars in Catania is situated 25 metres underground, under the Agorá Hostel. If you would like to have a drink in a lava cave, with water trickling down the walls, this is the place for you. Address: Piazza Currò 6, Catania


The salsa trend from the mid nineteen-nineties is alive and well in Sicily too. There are almost 10 establishments that play Latin-American music. On Friday evenings, Jaragua attracts salsa lovers from throughout the district. Address: Via Simeto Le Ciminiere, Catania

Krossower Live Club

It lives up to its name and offers visitors rock, pop and other types of live music. Address: Piazza Roma, Catania

Mercati Generali

Without doubt the coolest club in Catania, with live music and DJs. In the south of the city. Address: Ss 417 Per Gela Km. 69, Catania