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Paris on its own has more places worth seeing than most countries have to offer. It would be impossible to list everything here, but the absolute highlights are mentioned below. Please be realistic and do not assume that you will be able to see everything during a single visit to Paris. And do take your time. It is estimated that one would need nine months only to catch a glimpse of all the works of art offered by the Louvre.

Do not miss the following highlights:
  • The Eiffel Tower: if you want to save money or do not wish to cue, you may use the staircase to the second level.
  • The Notre Dame: probably the most famous cathedral in the world.
  • The Champs-Élysées, with, on the one side, the obelisk of Place de la Concorde and, on the other side, the Arc de Triomph in the middle of the former Place d’Étoile.
  • The Louvre: with its glass pyramid, the Mona Lisa and the Venus van Milo.
  • The Cimetière du Père Lachaise: the cemetery where you will, among others, find the grave of Jim Morrison and many other celebrities.
  • Centre Pompidou: the most successful cultural centre in the world.
  • The Sacré-Coeur: basilica on the hill of Montmartre.
  • Dômes des Invalides: the grave of Napoleon Bonaparte.
  • La Grande Arche: the modern triumphal arch in the La Défense business quarter.

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