Destination VeronaDestination Verona

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Practical informationPractical information


The international airport of Verona (Valerio Catullo) is 12 km from the town centre. A local city bus (Apty Aerobus) will take you to the city every 20 minutes.

Public transport

Verona is small and it is therefore easy to get around on foot. The company that organises the public transport in Verona is AMT.


The post office of Verona is located at 7 Piazza Francesco Viviani.


The chemist’s shops in Verona are usually open on Monday through Friday from 09h00-12h30 and again from 15h30-19h30. At night and on weekends they have different opening hours. The addresses are listed on the buildings. Some pharmacies in the town centre are open 24 hours a day.


Country code: +39 Dialling code: 045 (Don't take out the 0 when you make an international call).

Opening hours

The shops are generally open from 09h00-12h30 and again from 15h30-19h30 (closed on Sundays).

Emergency telephone numbers

Carabinieri (gendarmes): 112 Police: 113 Fire brigade: 115 Ambulance: 118

Tourist information offices

The offices of the I.A.T. may be found at the following addresses: Via Degli Alpini Porta Nuova train station Villafranca Airport

I.A.T. (Informazione e accoglienza turistica: Toeristische Informatie en Onthaal) Porta Nuova treinstation – Tel. +39 0458000861 Open 9-19u (van maandag - zaterdag) en 9-15u (zon- en feestdagen).

I.A.T. (Informazione e accoglienza turistica: Toeristische Informatie en Onthaal) Villafranca Airport - Tel. +39 0458619163 Open 9-18u (maandag - zaterdag in de zomer), 11-17u (maandag-zaterdag in de winter).

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