Destination OlbiaDestination Olbia

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Thanks to the many cultures that have left their mark on the island, there are many historic sites to visit. There are Carthaginian, Roman and Genoese remains and even examples of Spanish Baroque.

The Cathedral of Santa Maria in Alghero

The 16th century Duomo is chiefly Catalan-Gothic and Renaissance, although the frontage with its Doric pillars would lead you to think otherwise. Inside are peach-coloured walls, 18th century chapels and imposing Baroque marble balustrades in front of a high alter stacked with statues.
Price: free
Address: Piazza Duomo


This is Sardinia’s capital. The Castello district was formerly the city’s defence line and is still partly surrounded by massive walls. Two of the medieval towers are still standing. The world’s most colourful religious procession takes place on 1 May in the historic streets of the city.


When visiting Sardinia you cannot escape the Nuraghes. These peculiar globular structures are made from stacked blocks of basalt and are spread throughout the island.