Destination PalermoDestination Palermo

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The great traditional Italian fashion brands, from Armani to Versace, can be found around the Viale della Libertà.

There are a number of shops that sell craft products providing a unique souvenir of the island. You will find embroidered Sicilian sheets, pillow slips and curtains at Piccolopunto at Via Villareale 52. The place for antique embroidery is Al Cancellato, Via Paolo Paternostro 82.

Palermo has a large number of shops where very kitsch ceramics are sold. For more elegant products you are best served at the northern end of the Via Maqueda. Le Cittecotte di Vizzari, on Corso Vittorio Emanuele 120, sells fine hand-painted models of Palermo’s palaces and churches.

If you are looking for bargains and unique finds, head for one of the many street markets. The largest is La Vucciria. It mainly sells food, but a number of shops and stalls stock interesting or unusual articles that will fit nicely into your home. Beware of the many pickpockets at La Vucciria.