Destination PalermoDestination Palermo

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Palermo’s nightlife follows the same pattern as in other cities along the Mediterranean. Social life takes place largely before the evening meal, and when that is finished – sometimes only at midnight – it’s time to go back to the bars. The nightclubs begin to function only late at night. Thanks to all the students, Palermo has a lively nightlife. As everywhere, the local inhabitants can tell you which are the trendiest nightclubs at the moment.

La Terrazza

This small bar with an open terrace lies in the garden of the Grand Hotel Villa Igeia. It offers romantic – almost exaggeratedly romantic – views far over Palermo.
Address: Salita Belmonte 43

Kursaal Kalhesa

This unique bar is also a bookshop, Internet café and fish restaurant (where the menu includes a tasty ravioli with fish). The bar stands in an old ruined palace near the port and Palermo’s youth come here to see and be seen.
Address: Foro Umberto 1
Tel.: +39-091 616 2282

Bar Costa

A paradise for those keen on the snacks, coffees and liqueurs that are so typical of Italian bars.
Address: Via G. D’Annunzio 15

Kandinsky Florio

This is Palermo’s first attempt to get beyond the disco of the 80s and to evolve into a rougher, industrial style. KF is situated in a converted former factory where tuna was processed.
Address: Discesa Tonnara 4, Arenella (a Palermo suburb)

Gorky Club

Popular nightclub that sometimes has live shows. Good DJs and a relaxed atmosphere!
Address: via Ugo La Malfa, 96


A fairly new, hip bar that calls itself Il primo Bar à Bière della Sicilia. This means “Sicily’s best beer bar” and that is more or less true, because it is in all probability the only bar that sells beer.
Address: Via Torremuzza 27