Destination PalermoDestination Palermo

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Practical informationPractical information


Palermo’s international airport lies 32 kilometres from the city. There is a Trinacria Express train to the city every hour. The journey takes 45 minutes and costs € 4.50. You can buy your ticket on board the train. The buses take 50 minutes and stop en route at a number of hotels and bus stops. You can buy a ticket on the bus for € 5.
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Public transport

Use the AMAT bus and train network to get to know the city. AMAT also has night buses, while the train network is run by Trenitalia. Tickets cost around € 1 and are valid for 2 hours.
Tel.: +39 091 690 2690
Tel.: +39 892 021


Taxis in Palermo can be very expensive, especially in the evening and if you have a lot of luggage. Make sure you always agree the price with the driver before starting on the journey.
Auto Radio Taxi: +39 091 512727/091 513311

Post Office

Postage stamps are available at tobacconists with a blue-and-white “Tabacchi” sign or with a “T” symbol.


Chemist’s shops in Palermo have weekend and night services. You can see which one is available on


Palermo has 20 private dentists who operate weekend and night services by rota. The hotels can tell you where you should go.


Country code: +39
Local code: 091


230 V, 50 Hz

Opening hours

The shops in Palermo are normally open from 9h00 to 13h00 and from 15h00 to 20h00. Department stores are generally open all day.

Emergency numbers

Fire brigade: 115
Medical assistance: 118
Police: 112

Tourist information office

Piazza Castel Nuovo 35
Tel.: +39 091 605 8111