Destination PalermoDestination Palermo

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To seeTo see

The Catacombs The Catacombs in the Cappuccini Monastery have fascinated visitors for centuries – and it’s easy to understand why. 8,000 mummified former inhabitants of Palermo are ranged along the walls. Perfect for those who love horror and the macabre.
Price: € 1.50
Address: Convento dei Cappuccin, Via Cappucini 4
Tel.: +39 091 212117

Santa Caterina Church

A masterpiece. The church is built in a style known as Sicilian Baroque, and the walls are virtually completely covered with paintings, statues of saints and the Madonna, and representations of fruit and wild animals. Kitsch? Make up your own mind.
Address: Piazza Bellini

Museo Archeologico Regionale

In this museum you can see art and crafts from virtually Palermo’s entire history. The most exciting items in the collection are statues from the lost city of Selinunte.
Price: € 6
Address: Piazza Olivella 24
Tel.: +39 091 6116805

Teatro Massimo

One of Europe’s largest theatres (7730 m²), a neo-classical masterpiece. Giovanni Battista Basile started its construction in 1875 and the work was finished in 1897 by his son Ernesto. It was recently restored and is now the City’s lyric temple where opera and ballet performances take place.
Price: € 3
Address: Piazza G. Verdi
Tel.: +39 091 6053111

Palazzo dei Normanni

Built in 1130, the year when King Rogier II was crowned in the Norman Palace, and undoubtedly one of Palermo’s most famous sights. Covered with dazzling byzantine mosaics (like the mosaics in the Church of the Martorana and the Monreale Cathedral), it symbolises the political and cultural unity over which the Normans governed.
Price: € 6
Address: Piazza Indipendenza
Tel.: +39 091 6961111


This small city of 30,000 inhabitants lies in the hills to the south-west of Palermo. The fine views are equalled only by the Norman Cathedral of Monreale, Italy’s largest medieval building. It contains 6,000 square meters of Byzantine art.