Destination PisaDestination Pisa

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Torre pendente (The Leaning Tower)

Work on the tower started in 1173 and continued for more than two centuries. The tower has a 5.4 meter overhang.
Price: € 15
Address: Piazza dei Miracoli

Duomo and Baptistery battistero (Cathedral and Baptistry)

The Cathedral was built in 1064, when Pisa was still the most powerful maritime republic in the Western Mediterranean. Work on the Baptisty started in 1152 and it was finished a century later in Gothic style.
Address: Piazza Duomo

Camposanto (Cemetery)

The soil in the Cemetery is said to come from the Holy Land.
Address: Piazza dei Miracoli

Museo dell’opera del duomo (Cathedral Museum)

This museum contains works that formerly decorated the buildings in the Piazza dei Miracoli.
Address: Piazza Arcivescovado 6

Museo nazionale di San Matteo (St. Matthew National Museum)

Here you will find an important collection of sculptures and paintings from Pisa.
Address: Lungarno Mediceo, Piazza San Matteo

Piazza dei Cavalieri

This square as assumed to be the place where the Roman Forum was situated. The most important palace here is the Palazzo della Carovana dei Cavalieri.
Address: Piazza dei Cavalieri

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