Destination Marsa AlamDestination Marsa Alam

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Practical informationPractical information

A brief check before you leave:

Border formalities

A valid international passport and visa are mandatory. The passport must still be valid at least six months following your return from Egypt. You can buy a visa at the airport.

The weather

The sun shines virtually all year round at Marsa Alam. In November to the end of February, in particular, the temperature is altogether agreeable. In the summer months, the temperature can sometimes mount to 33°C.

Time difference

Egypt is 1 hour later than the Netherlands.


The official language is Arabic but you can manage virtually everywhere with English.


Egyptian pound (£E, pronounced 'bound' and ginih in Egyptian), is divided into 100 piasters (PT; qirsh). Currency cannot be imported or exported. Cash dispensers are available. Other means of payment are credit card and traveller's cheques.


220V. However, some plug sockets are suitable only for plugs with narrow spines, meaning an adapter is necessary.


  • Vaccination is mandatory if you come FROM a yellow fever area.
  • A DTP vaccination is recommended.
  • Protection against Hepatitis A is recommended.


  • Bus connections are good and the bus network is much better than that of the railways, although the quality of normal buses is not tremendous
  • Taxi: There are ordinary taxis and luxury taxis. The second type, without a meter, generally stand by the tourist hotels and have drivers who may speak a couple of words of English, but they are more expensive (quite a bit). Ordinary taxis can be stopped on the street. Hiring a taxi for the whole day is also possible. The hotel manager will be pleased to help and find you one. Arrange the total price, duration and route beforehand. Pay only on your return.
  • Service taxis: In Egypt, you can find minibuses (service taxis) everywhere, that for a few pounds will drop you wherever you have to be, as long as it is along their route. Very easy, rapid and super cheap once you understand how it all works.

Rules for passengers on On account of restrictions in the aviation convention with Egypt it is unfortunately not possible:

  • to book a single trip from the Netherlands to Egypt
  • to book a single trip or a return leaving from Egypt to the Netherlands
Your journey to and from Egypt must also take place within 12 weeks.

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