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Portugal has a striking variety of landscapes. The interior, in particular, is certainly worth a visit. Wide river valleys and fascinating mountain areas alternate with stretched-out plains and rolling hills. Between Lisbon and Porto, the coastal resorts have wide beaches. The Algarve is mainly known for its whimsically formed rocky coast of limestone. The Portuguese cuisine is fairly simple. Nearly everything is prepared with garlic and olive oil. Because Portugal is a genuine fishing country, the most popular dishes are variations with stockfish and sardines.



Many people say that Faro – the capital of the Algarve – lies on one of Europe’s most beautiful coastlines. Here you can find long, beautiful sandy beaches that are surrounded by cliffs on both sides. Faro is an attractive, old city with streets consisting of round cobble stones and leafy parks. Faro’s location at the centre of the Algarve also makes it the perfect starting point for round trips.



The mixture of history and modernity, of small town and metropolis, of history and the brand new is irresistible. Add to this the excellent shops, the late but intensive night life and Europe’s best fish restaurants and you have the city in a nutshell.


Funchal (Madeira)Funchal (Madeira)

The fine island of Madeira belongs to Portugal but actually lies closer to Africa. An island also called the "Flower Island" or "the Pearl of the Atlantic" must certainly be worth a visit. On Madeira, you will enjoy typical Portuguese art and culture and fine food. Walk through the fine countryside or discover the island by car or on foot. The underwater nature reserve off the coast of Garajou makes Madeira a true paradise for divers and snorkelers.

Nature on Madeira is overwhelming, with many opportunities for lovers of exotic plants and flowers, but also for recreational walkers and cyclists. You can follow splendid routes along the levadas (irrigation canals) both on foot and by mountain bike. You can dive in the swimming pool in most hotels on Madeira. And although Madeira also has a number of beaches, for the best ones take the fast ferry to the sister island of Porto Santo.



Porto, in the Middle Ages regarded as the end of the known world, has always been an industrious city at the edge of Portugal, looking out over the endless Atlantic Ocean, in the time before adventurers dared to cross over to the New World. Half a millennium later, Portugal has still kept much of its adventurous spirit. The cliché that Lisbon shows off while Porto works is an overworked metaphor that fails to do justice to the city’s charm. Porto is a city that retains its own identity and that you can see bubbling with life in every busy alleyway.