Destination Funchal (Madeira)Destination Funchal (Madeira)

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Practical informationPractical information

A quick check before you leave:

Border formalities

A valid passport or European identity card.

The weather

The weather is splendid on Madeira; the climate is sub-tropical with mild winters (17ºC) and warm summers (24ºC). The island is also nicknamed "The Island of Perpetual Spring".

Time difference

1 hour earlier than the Netherlands


Portuguese, but you can also get by in English or German.


You pay with Euros and cash dispensers are everywhere. Other means of payment are credit cards and traveller's cheques.




  • Car: Madeira has many asphalted roads. Traffic drives on the right and there are sufficient petrol stations but it is wise to fill up before leaving Funchal. Look out for wet cobblestones in the inner cities.
  • Taxi: Taxis have a price list laid down by the government, with fixed prices for certain routes. You can take a taxi virtually anywhere. Outside Funchal, a kilometre tariff usually applies. You can probably have a driver recommended to you in the hotel, who will drive you around all day. Many drivers have followed a tourist guides' course so that they can tell you about everything.

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