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Eating & drinkingEating & drinking

Porto’s population succeeded in obtaining the name of ‘tripeiros’ or ‘gut eaters’ after they shipped all their fine meat products to the New World in the 15th century in order to maintain their armies and traders. However, nowadays there is far more on the menu than a few scraps, and a good deal of port is consumed to wash everything down. Since the city is on the coast, there is of course an abundance of fine fish restaurants. Many cafes serve the typical “francesinha” snack, a cholesterol-rich delicacy made from meat, bread and cheese and finished with a little spicy sauce. The city also has a wide range of Brazilian-inspired restaurants, something to reveal the link with the Portuguese ex-colony. The “Rodizios” or Brazilian barbecues are heaven for every carnivore!

Churrascão do Mar

South American inspired dishes, with an extensive range of sea food and grilled fish.
Address: Rua Joao Grave, 134, Porto
Tel.: +351 (22) 609 63 82

Praia do

Offers a fine evening with a view of the rocky coastline along Foz do Douro, where the white tablecloths and blue-white porcelain contrast with the rugged coastline outside.
Address: Espanada do Castelo, Porto
Tel.: +351 (22) 618 95 93

Chez Lapin

Rustic, charming and recommended restaurant with very diverse dishes, from roasted octopus to other Portuguese specialities.
Address: Rua dos Canastreiros, 40-42, Porto
Tel.: +351 (22) 200 64 18

Solar das Fontainhas

A restaurant where you can enjoy typical Portuguese Fado music during a pleasant meal (Saturdays).
Address: Rua Alexandre Herculano, 81
Tel.: +351 222 010 289

O Mal Cozinhado

A traditional restaurant where Fado artists regularly appear; it lies in the historic Ribeira neighbourhood.
Address: Rua do Outerinho, 13
Tel.: +351 222 081 319

Brazileirão-Actividades Hoteleiras

A lively Brazilian restaurant at Matosinhos, in Porto’s northern suburbs. Guests can eat at will from the barbecue buffet (Rodizio).
Address: Rua Veloso Salgado No. 335 Leça da Palmeira, Matosinhos
Tel.: +351 (22) 999 55 13

Avó Miquinhas

Situated in the 16th century Leca Fort to the north of Porto. Serves traditional Portuguese cuisine.
Address: Rua do Castelo, 81, Leça da Palmeira, Porto
Tel.: +351 (22) 995 33 30

Taverna do Bebobos

One of the city’s oldest restaurants, first opened in 1876. Guests can enjoy traditional dishes and sit outside on the waterfront.
Address: Cais de Ribeira, 21-25, Porto
Tel.: +351 (22) 205 35 65

Bull and Bear

One of Portugal’s best restaurants, run by the Portuguese top chef Miguel Castro Silva. Located beneath the stock exchange building.
Address: Avenida da Boavista 3431
Tel.: +351 (22) 6 107 669

Casa Mariazinha

A homely, informal restaurant without a fixed menu since everything is prepared with fresh products straight from the market that very day.
Address: Av. Serpa Pinto no. 290, Matosinhos.
Tel.: +351 (22) 9384615

Café Majestic

Not simply a café, but pretty much an essential stop for every tourist seeing the sights. It still has not lost anything of its glamour from the 20s since its opening in 1921: decadent, decorated with marble walls, little angels and gilded mirrors.
Address: Rua Santa Catarina 112
Tel.: +351 222 003 887

Via Catarina Shopping Centre

Ideal if you’re in a hurry or simply want a hamburger or pizza. Go to the fourth floor of the shopping centre for a choice of cafés and fast food outlets.
Address: Rua Santa Catarina, Porto
Tel.: +351 222 075 600

Café Guarany

Known as the musician’s café for its artistic atmosphere, which it has had since it opened in 1933.
Address: Avenida dos Aliados 89/85
Tel.: +351 223 321 272

Café Progresso

One of the city’s oldest cafés, dating from 1899.
Address: Rua Actor João Guedes, 5
Tel.: +351 223 322 647

Praia da Luz

A café on the beach in Foz do Douro. It offers everything from pancakes to breakfast, a cup of tea to evening snacks. Visitors can eat near a large open fire during winter.
Address: Avenida do Brasil, Foz
Tel.: +351 (22) 6 173 234

Go to Ribeira, the city’s lively, historic heart: it is the liveliest place for a drink. Also popular with students. For a dash of traditional Portugal, go to a Fado bar where you can listen to this form of Portuguese blues, with melancholic artists who sing about lost loves and sorrows.

Solar do Vinho do Porto

A relaxed spot for tasting good port wine, complete with a view over the river and traditional music.
Address: Rua de Entre Quintas, 220, Quintas da Maceirinha
Tel.: +351 (22) 609 47 49

Bar Hiva-oa Polinesian

Serves exotic cocktails, ideal for both young and old.
Address: Rua de Boavista 2514
Tel.: +351 (22) 617 96 63

Triplex Bar

Hidden in a 19th century building with three floors, these two bars are open until the early hours.
Address: Avenida de Boavista, Porto
Tel.: +351 (22) 609 896 8/9

O Libirinto

A combination of an art gallery and bar, located in the formerly impressive but now somewhat dilapidated building in the Boavista quarter.
Address: Rua Nossa de Fatima 334, Porto

Contra Corrente Bar

Although it lies on the somewhat less lively side of the river in Vila Nova de Gaia, this popular bar offers a fantastic view of the Douro from the waterside.
Address: Rua Diogo Leite 282, Vila Nova de Gaia
Tel.: +351 (22) 375 7577

Rock’s Bar

Set against a labyrinth of old port wine cellars, you can listen to live music here several evenings a week.
Address: Rua Rei Ramiro 288, Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto
Tel.: +351 (22) 627 11 24

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