Destination GironaDestination Girona

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Eating & drinkingEating & drinking

The fact that the first recipes that were ever written down in Europe were in Catalan confirms the strong tradition of Catalonian food culture. Pa amb tomàquet (tomato bread) is a popular starter, whilst Crema Catalana is a typical and tasty dessert. Mar i Montanya (a combination of poultry with fish and crustaceans) and Calçotada are other traditional dishes that you definitely should try. And if you are celebrating a special occasion, you should drink sparkling cava.

La Riba

This stylish restaurant specialises in delicious fish and crustacean dishes and provides an excellent view of the houses on the river.
Address: Plaça Independència 13
Tel.: +34 972 081 490


Enjoy life on the plaça whilst you dine in this centrally-located restaurant. Girona’s beef is delicious.
Address: Plaça de la Independència 17
Tel.: +34 972 219 605

Cal Ros

In this rustic, 12th century building, you should try the bacallà (cod) with pistacchio nuts and olives or the llenguado fillets (tongue) in cava.
Address: Cort Reial 9
Tel.: +34 972 217 379

Le Bistrot

This lively restaurant lies in one of the most photographed medieval streets of Girona. The menu mainly consists of local dishes and the specials’ board offers value for money.
Address: Pujada Sant Domènec 4
Tel.: +34 972 218 803

Casa Marieta

This is Girona’s oldest restaurant and one of the best. Order the chicken with lobster, which is another Catalonian speciality.
Address: Plaça de la Independència 5
Tel.: +34 972 201 016

El Pou de Call

This restaurant is very popular with the local population for its hearty Catalonian stews and a number of Jewish dishes, as well as being kind on your purse.
Address: Carrer de la Força 14
Tel.: +34 972 223 774

Vegetariano La Polenta

This restaurant is a paradise for vegetarians with its imaginative menu of tasty dishes and clear international slant. Try the black rice.
Address: Cort Reial 6
Tel.: +34 972 209 374

El Celler de Can Roca

This restaurant serves the tastiest Catalonian cuisine in the region. It is necessary to book, as it is one of the best restaurants in Spain.
Address: Carrer Taialà 40
Bus stop: C. Taialà (escola) with bus L-5
Tel.: +34 972 222 157

El Museu del Vi

Try the extensive choice of tasty tapas in this restaurant-cum-wine museum, which is also popular with Girona’s numerous students.
Address: Carrer Cort Reial 4
Tel.: +34 972 213 485

Café Arts

This small café is an ideal place for a quick and refreshing break while exploring the Rambla.
Address: Rambla de la Llibertat 25
Tel.: +34 972 227 084


Try the ratafia – a drink made from 80 herbs and served with ice.
Address: Plaça de la Cathedral 9
Tel.: +34 972 203 087

Cacao Sampaka

A must for chocoholics.
Address: Santa Clara 45
Tel.: +34 972 202 341


When you are in the old district, you can visit this small café for a refreshing drink and a bit of shade.
Address: Carrer de la Força 5
Tel.: +34 972 205 010

La Vienesa

This stylish café by one of the bridges has a tempting selection of chocolates and cakes and, more importantly, one of the best addresses for Xuixo, the local speciality.
Address: Pujada Pont de Pedra 1
Tel.: +34 972 486 046 Girona’s nightlife is influenced to a great extent by the many students at the city’s university. The night often begins in one of the many bars that create the right atmosphere.

Lola Café

This café is located in the centre of the old district and gives the start of the night a real Latin feel.
Address: Carrer de la Força 7

Café Royal

One of the liveliest and most stylish bars and an excellent spot to begin your evening out.
Address: Plaça de la Independència 1
Tel.: +34 972 217 459

Llibreria 22

A book shop during the day and a bar during the evening that is also one of Girona's trendiest bars.
Address: Carrer Hortes 22
Tel.: +34 972 221 430


Beautifully furnished bar with a cosy atmosphere where cocktails using freshly-squeezed juice are served.
Address: Carrer Pedret 116
Tel.: +34 972 220 420

La Terra

Trendy with cosy corners and low tables – a meeting place for hip party-goers. The house specialities are alcoholic ice drinks and fruit drinks.
Address: Carrer Ballestries 23

La Placeta Bar

This small bar is popular with the young and fashionable public, and is a pleasant place to relax before an evening out.
Address: Carrer Buenaventura Carreras i Peralta 7

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