Destination Mahon (Menorca)Destination Mahon (Menorca)

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Menorca in brief

Menorca is the largest but one island of the Balearic group of islands, off the eastern coast of Spain. Menorca offers more than a hundred small bays and beaches, the most of which are pristine. Because of the major value of its landscape, the island has been placed on the UNESCO list of protected nature reserves. Moreover, Menorca is also ideally suited for families with children. Many areas are car-free and the beaches slope gradually into the sea. Many bays with very peaceful little beaches are not directly accessible, so it is an adventure to go in search of such a spot on a hired bike or car. does not offer flight tickets to Mahon (Menorca) at this moment



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Your stay on Menorca
Menorca is a Spanish island in the Mediterranean that the Spaniards also call “isla verde y azul”, the green and blue island. Menorca can be divided into two kinds of landscape: the centre and the north are moderately hilly and the soil is slate-grey and sometimes reddish. The south is characterised by cast plateaus (deep inlets) where water courses have cut dozens of chasms. Extensive water sports facilities are available on the beaches at the larger bathing places. Menorca’s crystal-clear water is a true paradise for lovers of water sports.

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