Destination Mahon (Menorca)Destination Mahon (Menorca)

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There are many things worth seeing in the island’s capital, Mahón. The unusual port, five kilometres in length, ends in the world’s second largest natural harbour. There are many things worth seeing in the city itself.

To the south-west of the capital is the best-known tourist centre: Binibéquer Vell. New development in this area imitates a small fishing village and there are very popular beaches in the neighbourhood, of which Cala and Porter are the best-known.

The west coast of Menorca is characterised by intimate bays with beautiful beaches, the Cala Blanca bathing place lying in one of these bays. Altogether, there are more than 120 bays and inlets (Calas), including many natural beaches with clear, clean water. An ideal place for swimming, snorkelling, diving and sunbathing.

Don’t miss these highlights:

  • Cales Coves: Neolithic dwellings cut out in a rock wall
  • Talayotic monuments: large bronze-age stone structures, whose purpose remains unclear.
  • Cova Polida: cave with a great many stalactite formations
  • Cova d’es Coloms: one of the most impressive underground monuments on Menorca
  • The geysers on the western side of Cala and Forcat
  • Hort de Sant Patrici: a typical Menorcan estate with beautifully manicured gardens
  • A boat trip, possibly in a glass-bottomed boat, along the magnificent bays with white beaches and crystal-clear water
  • The fishing village of Binibeca with its confusion of alleyways, tunnels and niches.