Destination Mahon (Menorca)Destination Mahon (Menorca)

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Eating & drinkingEating & drinking

In Spain, eating is not a question of survival but a feast. A congenial gathering of friends and family, which is stretched out for as long as possible. You can go to the restaurants for an extensive multi-course meal with plenty of choice of meat and fish dishes. Most dishes are based on olive oil with garlic, herbs and occasionally the famous Spanish pepper. Most eating establishments are in Mahón and Ciutadella, but you will find sufficient small restaurants in the other bathing resorts as well.


  • Sopas Mallorquinas: hot bread-based dishes with cabbage
  • Paella: yellow rice with fish or meat and vegetables
  • Calamares a la Romana: fried squid rings
  • Dumpte: vegetable dish consisting mainly of calabash (gourds) and aubergines
  • Friet Alruin: a dish with, amongst other things, pieces of fried liver, potatoes, vegetables and other pieces of meat.
  • Sobrasada: sausage prepared with red peppers
  • Sangria: a cooled red wine cocktail with fruit
  • Carajillo: espresso with brandy or cognac
  • Lumumba: a cold or hot cocoa with brandy
  • Hierbas: liqueur distilled from herbs