Destination RovaniemiDestination Rovaniemi

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Arctic trail
Now it is possible to enjoy this northern part of Scandinavia in a whole new and exciting way: by snowmobile trail! This trip will take you across 3 different countries and will never stop to amaze you. Get unforgettable memories in a snowmobile safari. Enjoy the beautiful and exotic Lappish nature. In a safari you can also visit a reindeer or husky farm.

Ranua Wildlife Park
Ranua Wildlife Park is situated 80 km to the south of Rovaniemi direction Kajaani along road number 78. There are about 60 species of arctic and northern wild animals at Ranua Zoo, including the bear, the only polar bears in Finland, lynx, wolf, wolverine, moose and many, many more.
Rovaniementie 29, Ranua
Tel. +358-(0)16-355 1921

Reindeer or husky safari
In a reindeer or husky safari you can admire the wonderful nature and feel the wintery silence. Enjoy and relax.

Downhill and cross-country skiing, snowshoeing
Rovaniemi offers excellent possibilities for skiing and other winter activities.