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Tunisia is an Arab country in North Africa. It borders on Algeria and the Mediterranean Sea. Laze about on the far-flung beaches or see the many remnants of antiquity. Wander around the many markets where bargaining is the national sport. Surf, play golf or undertake an adventurous trip through the southern Sahara desert. And do not miss out on the delicious Tunisian cuisine.



Djerba is completely different to the Tunisian mainland. If you take a good look at the villages, districts and settlement, you will find many traces of a rich history and a range of different groups within the population. Berbers, Jews, Sicilians, Spaniards, Turks and pirates have all lived here.

Nowadays, tourists enjoy kilometres of long, sandy beaches and luxury hotels, which are either very modern or in the style of the traditional Djerbian ‘menzel’. Fans of water sports will be in their element on Djerba, but if you want to find out about Djerba’s history, the numerous Roman archaeological sites, ‘pirate castles’ and the age-old synagogue are definitely worth a visit.



Tunisia is a magnificent country with a rich culture and traditions that originate from days long past. All kinds of peoples lived here: from Carthaginians, Romans and Vandals to Byzantines, French and Italians. In addition, the country’s landscape is highly diverse, with extended salt pans and deserts interrupted by verdant oases in the south and green countryside to the north. No wonder that a number of famous films were shot in Tunisia, including Star Wars and The English Patient.

The old port of Monastir lies on a rocky cape at the extreme south of the Gulf of Hammamet. Strolling through the picturesque little alleys in the Medina with their hundreds of small shops, you can feel the nostalgia of the old Monastir and its medina with the twelve gates. The splendid Ribat is just beyond. Monastir is known today as the birthplace of Tunisia’s first president, Habib Bourguiba, who turned Monastir into a modern tourist destination.



The international airport has turned Tozeur into the entry point for anyone interested in exploring the rugged Algerian desert. The city has become much more touristic but has managed to retain many authentic aspects. Tozeur has changed, but the gold-coloured stone houses and the gay and colourful souks are no less welcoming. In this region, the nomadic culture is still very much alive. The city used to be a stop-over for caravans coming from Sudan. Here, gold, ivory and slaves were traded for salt and spices.


Tunis (Carthage)Tunis (Carthage)

Tunis, the fascinating capital of Tunisia, is home to the large historic centre (Medina), enjoys a delightful climate, and can boast a mouth-watering cuisine. Musts for visitors include the Zitouna Mosque, the mysterious ruins of ancient Carthage, and the Bardo Museum. Time for more? Just twenty kilometres from Tunis is the picturesque village of Sidi Bou Said: truly worth a visit!