Destination TozeurDestination Tozeur

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Practical informationPractical information

Check before you depart:

Border formalities

A valid passport that is still valid for a minimum of one month after you arrive home.

The weather

The weather in Tunisia is very stable. The temperature is 25-35ºC all year round, with a breeze at the coast.

Time difference

The same time as in the Netherlands


Arabic and French, but English and German are spoken in many tourist areas.


The currency of Djerba is the dinar, which is equal to 1000 millimes. Please note: it is strictly forbidden to import or export dinars. There are plenty of cash machines on Djerba. Other methods of payment are credit cards and traveller’s cheques.




DTP and Hepatitis A are recommended (but are not compulsory).


  • Bus: The bus network extends over the entire country. The buses are not very comfortable (except the long-distance ones), but they are cheap.
  • Train: A timetable can be obtained from any TSNCF station. The North-South line from Tunis to Gabes is particularly good.
  • Taxi: There are grands taxis, which are allowed to operate throughout the country, but the regional yellow taxis with a meter are cheaper. It is not the norm to pre-book a taxi; it is both easier and cheaper simply to flag one down in the street. If the taxi that you have flagged down doesn’t have a meter, you should negotiate the price.

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