Destination TozeurDestination Tozeur

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Tozeur, the city of clay houses, is situated in one of the most famous oases in the world.

Palm plantations and the Gardens of Paradise
The plantations, which receive their water from more than 200 wells, produce the famous ‘Deglet Nour’ dates that are exported across all over the world. You can take a coach trip through the beautiful Gardens of Paradise with its fantastic rose garden.
The route takes you to a vantage point at the bottom of the rock where you can see an image of the poet Aboul Qacim-Chabbi. Stairs take you to the top from where you have a fabulous view across the Chott el-Djerid desert.

Museum of Art and Traditions
Rue the Kairouan. Open every day from 08h00 to 12h00 and from 14h00 to 18h00.
The collection consists of common objects: clothing, oil lamps and pottery. The doors to the inner gate are decorated with three rings – of which each produces a different sound. The first is intended for a man, the second for a woman and the third for a child.

The Dar Cherait Museum
The museum houses the collection of traditional products of a wealthy Tozeur family. It was the desire of Abderrazak Cherait, who established the museum, that visitors should discover more than just ethnographic aspects. This museum is a replica of the home of a notable. A large courtyard with a well in the form of a star leads to a patio with four covered galleries. A visit to the museum is like walking through a story. Recently, the museum was extended with a few exhibition areas which provide a fascinating view on the history of Tunisia – from the pre-history to the present. You will need about one hour for your visit to the museum.

Bled El Hadher
The mosque was built in the 11th century. It contains the grave of Ibn Chabbat who died in 1282. The history of this place speaks mainly of the palm plantations and the ingenious system used for water distribution.

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