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In recent years, numerous activities are organised in Tozeur: coach trips, trips by mountain bike or by four-wheel drive, balloon flights and a 18-hole golf course.

Amusement park
There is an amusement park in the garden of the Dar Cherait museum, which breathes the atmosphere of the fairy tales of A Thousand and One Nights. At night, the atmosphere is almost magical because of the lighting provided by torches. Here the atmosphere of the past is tangible: a marriage ceremony, a hammam, an old kitchen and the rooms of the women have been replicated, as has a henna ceremony. In addition, jewellery is displayed.

Religious festivals
Numerous religious celebrations and festivals take place throughout the year. The dates of these festivals – very important to the Moroccans – are determined on the basis of the Hégire. The most important festive days are holidays. These include the turn of the year (Ras as-Sane), the birth of the prophet (Mouloud), the end of the Ramadan (Aïd al Fitr) and the festival of the sheep (Aïd al Adha or Aïd al Kebir).

Among others, the cultural festival programme consists of traditional music, folk dances and films. These events take place during the summer and during Ramadan. The entire month of May is devoted to the Grand Prix of beach-sailing.
In November, the Oasis festivities offer you a chance to attend the dromedary races.

Balloon trips
Tel.: 452 361
Change your perspective and undertake a balloon trip. Sensation and breathtaking views assured!

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