Destination TozeurDestination Tozeur

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The handicraft activities have been adapted to the taste of tourists and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find old and traditional jewellery and objects. But there is no lack of choice at the markets and souks of Tozeur! Here you will also find colourful accessories, belts, Deglet Nour dates and carpets.

You will find the best buys in the souk. Do not forget that you have to negotiate with the shopkeepers. The price indicated is never the actual price. Much may be demanded of your verbal skills before you reach an agreement. The price mentioned by the salesman may be up to three times higher than the actual value of the object – so it is up to you! If you prefer not to subject yourself to the negotiating process, you may want to select the shops that are members of the National Trades Agency (ONAT). An ONAT mark of quality on a carpet is also a quality guarantee. As you will notice, the souks are organised according to the different types of trades: pottery souks, tailoring souks, jewellery souks... Even if you do not really intend to buy something, just walking around at a souk is enjoyable in itself. You can enjoy the Oriental smells and music. The souks are held every week in every Tunisian city. They may be held on different days, but always in the morning.


Planet Oasis
In the palm plantations
An art centre is located underneath a large, typical tent. Modern artworks by various Tunisian artists, among others, paintings by Naziha Maghrebi and glasswork by Sadika Kerkès, are exhibited here.

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