Destination TozeurDestination Tozeur

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Eating en drinkingEating & drinking

So extraordinary that it deserves to be elevated to a genuine traditional art, the typical Tunisian cuisine has dishes of mutton or fish with vegetables, coriander, cumin and anis. And, of course, lemon and olive oil.
The menu often starts with a chorba – a delicious barley soup, or a ‘brick’, a very thin pancake made of puff pastry stuffed with egg, tuna or meat, baked in oil. Unless you prefer a méchouia salad from the oven, which is made of tomatoes, paprikas, tuna, boiled eggs, and onions. Couscous has always been the national dish. Salt, sweet, with almonds or spices – there are endless ways to prepare it.

You should definitely also try the tahina, chakchouka, a ratatouille served with a poached egg and lamb, boiled in a pottery dish with tomatoes and potatoes, and mechoui, grilled lamb or mutton.
Oriental pastry is available everywhere: baklavas flavoured with orange blossom, almonds, pistachio, loukoums, makhrouds (semolina pastry stuffed with dates) and gazelle honey horns.

The people drink mint tea, green and very sweet, and, sometimes, the local beer Celtia, which is served with pine nuts, soda, fresh fruit juice and mineral water. The local vineyards produce good wine: Muscat de Kelibia, red Magon and Mornag, and rosé Tabarka.
Also nice to taste are the different kinds of alcohol, the boukha distilled from figs, or thibarine, made of dates. The Tunisians seldom eat in a restaurant, but you can find small restaurants everywhere where you can enjoy delicious grilled dishes.

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