Destination Tunis (Carthage) Destination Tunis (Carthage)

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Practical informationPractical information

emergency numbers
Police: 197
Fire brigade: 198
Ambulance: 190

transport to and from the airport
Tunis Airport (officially: Tunis Carthage International Airport) is 7 kilometres northeast of Tunis, so it takes about 15 to 30 minutes to drive to the centre of the city.

Taxi – The taxis at the taxi rank are yellow and are equipped with fare meters; a drive to the city centre will cost about 5 dinars. But make sure that your driver turns the meter on; otherwise, your trip could cost you more. It is customary for drivers to charge extra at night.
Bus – The SNT buses stop at the airport every thirty minutes and will take you to the centre of the city for about 1 dinar. For a little more convenience, take a TUT bus that pulls up every 15 minutes.

transport in the city/region
Options for travelling in the city include:

Metro – An easy way to get around in the city centre is to take the Métro léger de Tunis that has tracks both above and under the ground.
Taxi – Taxis in Tunis are relatively inexpensive. Just make sure that the driver turns the meter on; otherwise, your trip could cost you more. It is customary for drivers to charge extra at night.
Trein – The Tunisian railway network is not extensive but it is very inexpensive and a great way to travel to other large cities.

important information
  • In Tunisia, 96% of the population is Muslim. Although attitudes in this country are very modern as compared to other Islamic countries, topless sunbathing is not appreciated. Visitors to mosques should also be modestly dressed.

passport and visa
Travel to Tunisia requires a valid passport. Be sure that your passport will be valid for at least another 6 months after your arrival.

time zone
Because Tunisia does not observe summer time, there is no time difference between Tunisia and the Netherlands from the last Sunday in March through to the last Sunday in October. For the rest of the year, the time will be an hour later in Tunisia.

The currency in Tunisia is the dinar (TD) and can only be exchanged in this country. One dinar is subdivided into 1000 millimes.

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