Destination Tunis (Carthage) Destination Tunis (Carthage)

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Tunis might not be famous for having a wide selection of shopping centres but this city is the perfect place to buy local products. What makes shopping in Tunis so unique is that much of the shopping facilities are out in the open air. These little markets are used by the local population to sell their own products that range from food to art. Something you’ll notice straightaway is that prices are rather high. This is because it’s always a game to haggle over the final price.

If you are staying in Tunis itself, a short distance from the city centre is where you will find the souks (Arabic for ‘markets’). If local art and crafts are your thing, this is the perfect place to go looking. Products range from little knickknacks (from key rings to refrigerator magnets) to somewhat more expensive items of higher quality (from ceramics to carpets). The souks are open seven days a week and are very popular among regional tourists.

Central Market
This location is especially known for its foods. If you want to find out more about the local specialities, this is the place to visit. The central market is in one of the somewhat older sections of Tunis and was built during the 19th century. This is where many local people buy their food items such as cheese, bread, olives, fruit and vegetables. Another unique aspect of this market is that it offers handmade baskets – a nice gift for family or friends!

Tunisia Court
Tunisia Court is a special place to go shopping and has many shops selling locally made designer items. Being in Tunisia Court is like walking through a village. Many people visit Tunisia Court not just for shopping but also for seeing its architecture and experiencing its atmosphere.

Tunis City Mall
If you’re looking for a more Western way of shopping, the Tunis City Mall is a good choice. This shopping centre is the largest of its kind in the capital city (covering about 3.5 km2) and includes primarily large shops and restaurants similar to what you see in the West.

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